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We have a simple delivery policy for all our courses.

Delivery policy


Our deliver policy is quite simple and straightforward. Once you’ve placed an order with us online, your order will be processed immediately and you will get online access to the course you have bought within minutes.

Our administrators do drink on the job. Energy drinks and water, that is. It gives them so much energy that they become so obsessed with quick delivery of the courses to you.

These are delivery options under our delivery policy.

Delivery options

Online access
Our courses are available online. Once we receive complete payment from you, you start learning right away without any delays or hassles from our side. Plus, you get unlimited views for a whole year from the same course.

Download format
Unfortunately we do not deliver our course videos in a downloadable format. Only certain formats including text, zip, Excel are available for download as part of the courses.

DVD format
Unfortunately we do not deliver our courses via DVD formats. We want you to have immediate online access as soon as you have ordered. We don’t want you to wait days or weeks before you start learning. Oh no, no, no. That’s not how we work. Besides, DVD’s quickly gather dust, and scratches once you play them over and over again. And what happens if we add a new video, quiz or a downloadable document to the same course? You won’t magically have them on the DVD you have with you, see? It’s not the experience we want for our customers.

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Our simple delivery policy.

Delivery policy

See how fast we deliver your course to you after checking out. No queues, no hassles and no waiting for days.

Our delivery policy

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