Our online Excel training courses give you unlimited one year access. Just paint baby, just paint.

Iyoo! One year course access.

Unlimited play in our Excel training.

When you need quality Excel training on the move or anywhere, buy any Excel course from us. You get a full year unlimited access to any course. Iyoo! You can learn. Learn. And learn. And re-learn. At your own pace. Yep, you have unlimited play. And you get to learn to your heart’s content. And, since we just like you so much, you also get any additional topics that we might add to that same course for free. Oh yeah, sweetheart, you can play with that paint for the whole year and smear it everywhere. Some of you might call it a jaw-dropping experience. We call it a dazzling experience.

All our courses are mobile friendly, which makes our Excel training that much more convenient.

Learn on any device you wish.

That’s the superb Excel training we’re talking about.

We understand that some of you might want to learn while on a train, on your way to school or work. All you have to do is take out your smartphone or tablet and learn right away. And then you can continue learning on a bigger screen at school or at work on your desktop computer or on your laptop.

We have designed all our courses with you in mind. And we understand that some of you are a young generation full of energy. You know, drinking all those energy drinks, working out to impress girls and what have you. Or simply doing those manicures and pedicures to impress your boyfriends. Well, whatever your reason is, you will be pleased to know that our courses can be accessed from smartphones and tablets. Learn on the go where you prefer. You say where you want to learn, not us.

Why buy from us?

As part of our Excel training, we test your understanding.

Excel training: you might ask why should you buy from us? That’s one question that you are likely to ask us. Here’s one of the reasons:
We help you remember the course contents for longer. The best way to test that you have mastered a lesson or a topic in our courses is to take a quiz. The quizzes are not there to trick you my friend. Oh no, no, no. They are just there to make sure that you’re in the same boat as us, understanding what we are teaching you.

Why enrol in our Excel training? One reason is that we test your Excel 2007 understanding by creating quizzes for you.

Our lessons are in crisp, HD quality. That's part of the reasons why our Excel training is so superior compared to our competition.

SD is dead.

All hail HD.

Who still enjoys watching low quality, standard definition (SD) quality these days? Very few people, we suppose. But we don’t want you to be one of them. We want you to be part of the future. Our lessons contain videos that are in 720 High Definition (HD) quality. Yep, that means that you can watch our videos on your big screen smart TV, if you prefer.

You get high quality audio.

In stereo format.

Since we want you to enjoy the best quality in what you hear in our Excel training courses, we are committed to using the best studio microphones we can find in order to ensure that you get that crisp, clear audio from our lessons. And yep, we edit the audio too to make sure that there are no birds chirping, toddlers crying, wolves howling or kids having a farting competition in the background. You deserve to listen to the best audio quality when learning, in stereo format.


Get clear sound in stereo format. We use the best microphones to record audio in our Excel training courses.

Yet another reason for choosing our Excel training: you get a certificate when you complete a course.

You get a certificate.

Right after you complete any course.

You complete all the lessons. You ace all the quiz questions. You become more powerful than before since you’ve now gained new knowledge. What now? Do you have evidence to show off to the world that you have completed that course? Well, the short answer is Yes, Yes, Yes! You receive a certificate of completion. When? Within minutes after you complete the course. Just log into your account at anytime and get your certificate, which you just print. Frame it, if you like. It’s totally up to you, sir or madam. And guess what? You are applying the knowledge you gained about printing right away. How super amazing is that, man?

Experience great customer service.

After all, it’s all about you.

We believe in the good old wonderful customer service. We will regularly engage with you via our short surveys to check if we are still treating you like our king or queen. Why do we do this? Well, we aim to exceed your expectations in everything we provide to you. And, if we slipped, we apologize. Please let us know by submitting a ticket so we can put a smile on your face again. 


We engage with you, our customer in order to exceed your expectations.

What's Excel training without being able to collaborate with the other students like you? You can participate in our student forums.

You are never alone.

Join a forum and ask questions.

At Hunting Training, you never have to feel alone when learning any of our courses. We have forums that you can join and ask questions that you might have. You can even create a new topic if it wasn’t asked before. Cool, hey?

Buy a course now.

Start learning in minutes.

We believe that you should not wait for hours or days before you begin to learn. Since our shop is open 24 hours every single day of the year, you get to learn at any time you want to. You make the rules. You say when you want to learn. So, once you decide on the Excel training course that will help you change your life, you buy it right there on the spot. No matter what time it is. And once you have completed your purchase, you get access to that course within minutes. That fast? Yes, that fast! Really, in this day and age: who’s got time to wait for the shop to open at eight ‘o clock the next working day?

With our excel training courses, you get instant access to your course after buying it.

Get a 30 day money back guarantee with all our Excel training courses.

Get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Get a peace of mind.

To ensure your complete satisfaction and happiness, we offer a hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee in all our courses. We want you to be completely happy with the course that you have bought without any risk to you whatsoever. If for some reason, you chose the incorrect course or the course just didn’t meet your expectations, you can request a full refund of your money within 30 days.

Customer service from our company.

Our superb service

We don’t just meet your expectations: we aim to exceed them. We will do somersaults for you if we have to.

Customer service


Our simple delivery policy.

Delivery policy

See how fast we deliver your course to you after checking out. No queues, no hassles and no waiting for days.

Our delivery policy

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