Excel Tutorial: How I Saved 50% Of My Time Using Shortcuts

Excel Tutorial: Why I feel good

Excel Tutorial: My Story & why I now feel good.

I am an employee like you, trying to complete my work on time and before the deadlines. I used to take long hours to complete my work.

Most of my work involves using Microsoft Excel. To add up cells in a column, as an example, I used to whip out my calculator, and then get to it. I will then punch in the numbers using my calculator one by one to get the total amount. I could have a long list of numbers to add up: averaging 50 numbers for any given task! I would then type in this total into the Excel spreadsheet. After giving my work to my superior to review, I would then get told that my total sum was incorrect. Ha? I though the calculator cannot be wrong. Yep, that’s pretty much correct but the calculator will take whatever you give it 😉

I discovered that I transposed 2 numbers that I was adding up! So, for example, instead of typing 812 I typed in 182. Oops! The other number I transposed was 93, instead of punching in 39. Oops! Again! So now to fix the errors, I will have to start again from scratch and add up the numbers on my calculator again. Just to make double sure the total is correct. And this time, I have to be extra careful. Open my eyes wider so I do not switch digits again. By the time I finished adding up that long list of numbers, my eyes were sore! 🙂 I felt like I had the big eyes of Bill Cosby!

Then I said No. There has to be a better way to do this. It turns out there was. It was there in front of me all the time in Excel. I looked up an Excel Tutorial online to help me with this. I found one and it helped me with my tasks. Suddenly, I could give my eyes a rest and put away my calculator for a very long time…

I learnt that there was a function called AutoSum in Excel that I could use to add up the numbers for me in a matter of seconds, instead of minutes or even hours! And that’s exactly why I now feel good! Ha!

Now, instead of keeping the knowledge only to myself, I decided to share it with others so that they too can speed up their ways of working (and free their eyes from strain)! I decided to add other Excel keyboard shortcuts to this one for a complete list of all the necessary keyboards everyone should know. Now there are many and many keyboard shortcuts in Excel. But I compressed the list to only those I think are the most important ones.

To know these most important keyboard shortcuts:

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