Master Microsoft Excel 2007 keyboard shortcuts.

And let’s show you how to do just that.

Our lessons have one main intention in mind: make you a master of Microsoft Excel 2007 shortcuts. You will be guided every step of the way in our course. By the end of the course you’ll start applying the shortcuts you learnt and apply them in your very next task. Increase your chances of getting a promotion. You’ll never have to work long hours again, since you will reduce your workload by up to 50%.

Master Microsoft Excel 2007. Let's hold your hand to show you how.

Learn more about the Microsoft Excel 2007 benefits

You get to free a lot of time.

Enjoy the things that you like doing in life.

Easily master Excel 2010 complex functions.

Including the Trim, Vlookup and If functions.

Learn how to remove extra unwanted spaces in words or numbers by using the powerful TRIM function and save yourself a lot of headaches trying to clean up data, before it’s in a workable condition.

Use the VLOOKUP function to quickly and easily look up data from another worksheet by using a unique value from the current sheet. No more comparing 2 or more sheets manually and copying corresponding information from 1 sheet to the other. That method was used during the dinosaur era :/ 

Then use the IF function to accurately and very quickly give you answers to a question you are asking by typing in a few conditions. If only you could do that to your partner!

Learn more about the complex functions

Get the Basics right.

Deal with data. Save paper by print previewing. Understand formulas.

Learn more about Excel basics