Learn Excel: Master The Tour Of The Interface In Less Than A Day

Learn Excel: Learn The Tour Of The Interface In Excel.

learn excel basics today

If you are just starting to learn Excel today, it’s a good place to start learning it here. One of the items you definitely need to know is the interface of the program. We are talking about Excel 2007 and later. The interface in Excel 2003 and older is completely different and we will not be talking about that in this post.

As you learn Excel, you will need to know where menus and commands sit: and that’s where the interface comes in. Let’s mention a few of the interface sections on Excel:

  • Office Button. This is where you would go to Open, Save and Close your Excel workbooks. So it’s a must that you know this one. We don’t want you losing your whole day’s work by not saving it. Oh no, amigo 😉
  • The Ribbon. This is a section where common menu items are grouped. Examples are: Editing group, Data group and Layout group. I remember struggling to get used to this new interface back in the days, from the 2003 interface. Eish…
  • The Zoom Area. If the spreadsheet looks too small for you to work in, don’t worry. You would use the Zoom slider to zoom into the spreadsheet to see it up, close and personal. I use this Zoom command a lot, especially if I want to focus on a particular section of a spreadsheet.

There are more sections that you’ll need to know to feel comfortable with the Excel Basics. And that’s what I’m going to be helping you with. Let me show you the interface and other Excel basics that you need to know, before you decide to take the course. It’s like a test drive.

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